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LifeLock Inc. is an American identity theft protection company based in Tempe, Arizona. LifeLock's system monitors for identity theft, the use of personal information, and credit score changes. In 2017, LifeLock was acquired by computer security company Symantec.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on, "I could call lifelock and clear an alert with two small pieces of information but then I can’t access additional information about the other alerts because I missed a security question. I have been paying for lifelock for probably close to 10 years now. There should be a way to assist someone who is trying to freeze their account. I’m not asking for something to be removed. Makes no sense."


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Identity theft specialist (Current Employee) says

"Can be fired at any time , no chance for promotion after 2 years , made only 35 cent raise in 2 + years of employment , would only recommended this company only if a job is desperately needed"

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Things may have changed in the time I have been gone, but when I was there it was pretty miserable. The product is great but the culture left a lot to be desired. No support given.Free lunchesPoor Management"

Identity Protection Agent (Current Employee) says

"The company claims to promote from with in but always looks outside. LifeLock Member Service Agents are treated like the red headed step children of LifeLock. We are often threatened by management and our complaints are always ignored,"

ID Theft Protection Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked for LifeLock through DialAmerica (Athens,GA). LifeLock as a company was great. My initial training was through and in depth. Compensation was in line the average cost of living for the area. The product was easy to understand which made it less stressful to assist customers. However, working on this program through DialAmerica over the past year and a half has become unnecessarily stressful. When I was initially hired by the original management team that was in place the agents selected for this program were heavily screened. Background check and drug screening were required. New management new rules. Now you are hired on the spot and given less than 2 weeks of training. The first 2 training classes received a total of 4 weeks worth of training. There is no one in upper management who knows anything about the program. The previous manager knew the program like the back of her hand.Promotions are now not based off of skill level or tenure but off of how much the new manager likes you. This has led to utter destruction of morale and confidence of strong knowledgeable veteran agents. Enjoy working for LifeLock. Would not recommend working for DialAmerica.Great and Supportive Co-WorkersHorrible Management"

Identity Alerts Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It was boring, bonus sucked, and no one really truly cared about much. Always had these meetings to let us know how much the actual corporate business side was sucking."

Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"If you just need some money & don’t want to do hard labor, this is a good one. EVERYONE is nice & speaks to you. I worked overnight so I had all day to myself. I was pregnant at the time, & I had to go through a lot to get my maternity leave situated.. that was annoying. Its a laid back job, they’re very lenient as far as attendance goes & they don’t drug test so.. it’s straight. The pay is decent for a job that requires sitting & answering phones.. but they were always making mistakes on my checks.. I always had to email them about my check not looking right, and the person in charge of the checks just wants to argue with everyone instead of listening & trying to help. Management has always been very kind to me, I had no issues with them. It got crazy when they started enforcing new rules & giving out “warnings” for something you absolutely can’t control.. they are really unfair when it comes to your call flow. It’s not set up for you to meet your incentives.. but regardless if it’s your fault or not, they’ll still give you multiple warnings & threaten to fire you... I left after that"

Jack V. says

"Their employees all sound like a bunch of idiots and slimy used car salesmen. Their huge advertising is what keeps them reeling in the fish!"

Robert Joe Sackman says

"Never ever ever waste your money here. Enrollment is easy... cancellation nearly impossible. Not a single person in customer service speaks understandable english. Horrible waste of money and shame on anyone who advertises this as legitimate business."

Dorothy Williams says

"Been a member since 2014 and have paid escalating rates every year. Last month, my credit ratings stopped being displayed. When I called to find out what is going on and how were they monitoring my credit and identity theft, the first person told me to upgrade, the second told me to call Equifax to find out why they were not sending the data to LifeLock??? No explanation as to why I wasn't getting data from the other reporting credit agencies. After two calls, long holds for supervisors that never came on the line, when I requested a manager, they hung up on me."

Ava says

"Do not waste your money on LifeLock. No customer support. I have had LifeLock for several years but after Norton got involved it is a mess. They kept cancelling my account and it would take hours to get reinstated then it would be cancelled again. When I updated my alarm system for my home they had a free promo with LifeLock for one year and I called LifeLock to make sure it was as good as what I was paying for. LifeLock told me same plan but it was not. In August updated to LifeLock Advantage plan and they gave it to me free for one year. Thought I was set and they set it up then cancelled me again. Called and gave them reference number and they stopped cancellation. Then cancelled again no one could help me so will try Zander. Zander doesn’t monitor credit cards but identity theft has good reviews. If you want a headache join LifeLock. Not sure how they ever get a good review must be paying people or related. A hot mess."

Denise says

"I have to agree with all these negative reviews. I just got Lifelock this morning and have a splitting headache from dealing with them. It has been HOURS. Where do I begin? First of all, they "notify" you of a breach. Big woop! I've already been notified of breaches - that's why I'm using them. They do nothing else other than notify you. They tell you that you have Norton to protect "up to 5 devices" and they'll even send you a link to download it. Then you will not be able to get your protection. Why? Because they need a good PAYMENT METHOD on your account before they can process your Norton protection. My credit card was breached. I used Paypal to pay for my subscription and now they need a card all of a sudden? To make matters worse, the people I have dealt with are the lousiest in the business. The customer service rep told me to hold my horses and was a defensive jerk. He first told me that my plan did not have cover computer protection, then he said "we need to get a valid payment method before we can set you up for protection"..... When I questioned him he said things to me like, "when did I say that? I never said that, when did you hear those words come out of my mouth?". These people read from scripts and it's all about the money. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. On top of having my identity stolen, the 3 1/2 hours I've dealt with them have made it a million times worse. Just canceled!"

Larry Fisher says

"Lifelock which WAS a great company but is now associated with Norton, an up and coming bunch of ransomware distributors. The Norton 360/Lifelock purports to protect your identity and devices, but the downloaded files become like a bad case of herpes. You have them for life. In my case I was able to access a fix removing the files and pop-ups, but it cost me $70 US for a short conversation with a Norton rep in India that barely spoke English. She sent me a zip file that was very difficult to use but eventually the Norton pop-up virus was gone (I hope). The internet is full of fixes but none of them work. So I paid the ransomware fee to Norton and a day later was finally free of pop-ups that occurred so often, my computer was effectively disabled. I lost a whole week of computer use. So I advise you avoid Lifelock because they are joined at the hip to the latest ransomware scammer (Norton)"

Donna Waddington says

"I have now had account with for about 3 or 4 months my first data breach happened and approximately June or July and I went and I got the premium LifeLock package. I called in when an item of mine was compromised and they could not find my account they had no record of me being a client they put me through insane measures of telling them who I actually was when my entire identity was stolen so I had no way of doing so. And the Capital One data breach happened so I got a year of free credit and data monitoring from no other than LifeLock and it happened all over again and I'm sitting in the same situation right now I do not recommend this company or I can when you go with another company to protect your data and your identity trust me you will thank yourself if you do not go with this company they are being no help to me they are the most on Cooperative company and unhelpful Company I've ever dealt with in my life"

Cheryl says

"Watch the marketing schemes of this company. They present one promotion on their website and when you don’t sign up they start sending promotional emails. I called and as informed that it isn’t quite as presented, pick one or the other. Just be careful. The agent was very professional and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she likewise was professional but stated she could not change anything as their computer system would not allow it. I will be telling everyone within my retirement community about my experience. I had problems with how they represent themselves before purchasing their product, how would they represent me when I really need their assistance with identity theft?"

Linda says

"I had LifeLock for a very short time. Whether or not their services are effective, I cannot say, but use of my identity was rendered unto me alone before, while, and after giving them my business. I leave them one star because they sent me a letter through the post and in bold print was the phrase, "We miss you..." A company known to protect identities blatantly announces to anyone who happens to see your mail that your identity is not currently protected, therefore theirs for the compromising...? Bad form."

Sue Ogren says

"I have had recent credit cards with charges from Great Britian! Where was life lock then? Cancelling account"

Tyler Caudle says

"I had signed up for a 60 day lifelock trial last year only because I was offered a $50 prepaid mastercard after the trial was over. I waited until after the trial was over and I contacted them to see when I would get my $50 mastercard they told me it was in the mail, I waited several weeks and I never received the $50 mastercard. I contacted their customer support yet again and they did not want to do anything about it so I cancelled my account. Now lifelock sends me letters in the mail trying to reel me in with the offer of a $50 prepaid mastercard if I signup again, its not going to happen. If lifelock were to actually give me the $50 prepaid mastercard they said they sent me then it might change my outlook on the company."

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